• Maricela McRitchie

Financial Printouts

I am working on the final touches, simplifying and beautifying my new printouts to help keep your finances organised. I know what it is like when you are getting closer to the next month or you just about to get paid and thinking about all the expenses and bills you have coming out. I sit down every month and go through everything on my spreadsheet and writing down on my printout for the annual outlooks and updating projected balances and amount that are due. I find it to be like a monthly cleanse of my finance worries. This then means I know how much needs to be in what account and I know exactly what is coming out and when. As the month ticks along I keep note of whats actually gets paid and how much came out of what account to keep it updated so there are no surprises. This allows me to see how much I have too spare so I can put it aside for a rainy day or towards a big purchase.

I hope once these printouts are released they help you with your financial cleanse!!

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